Where We Are With Our Office Towers – June Work In Progress

HL Tower

The superstructure floor and ground floor construction work are currently in progress.

The concrete casting work of the 2nd floor and 3rd floor has been completed in June 2020, the remaining floor casting work target to be completed by end of July 2020.

And the re-bar installation work of the ground floor will be completed soon.

Re-bar Installation Work in Progress
Concrete Casting Work in Progress
Completed Floor Casting at 3rd Floor

Harbor Trade Tower

The cantilever construction work has been completed in June 2020. Slab concreting work completed up to 11th floor and, re-bar installation and floor concrete casting work for the remaining floors are continuously in progress and will complete in October 2020.

Work in Progress for 11th Floor Re-bar Installation
Floor Concrete Casting Work in Progress

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01 July 2020

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