New Aquarium Work In Progress as of May 2020

The superstructure steel erection of Lakeside Plaza (Block A) and RC work of Aquarium Building (Block B) has been completed in December 2019.

All of the glass curtain wall installations of the Aquarium Building have been completed in May 2020 and Lakeside Plaza will be completed by end of August 2020.

The remaining part of mechanical & electrical work, interior decoration & architecture work, and external work are still in progress.

The overall project’s construction work is scheduled to be completed in December 2020.

Installation of Facade Curtain Wall in Progress of Aquarium Building
Concrete Casting Completed at Lakeside Plaza Outdoor Seating Area
AC Outdoor Unit Plinth Construction of M&E Building
Internal Partition of Aquarium Building Work in Progress
Floor Finishes Work in Progress at Aquarium Building
Installation of the Facade Curtain Wall Completed at Lakeside Plaza Ground Floor & 1st Floor
Installation of Facade Curtain Wall Frame of Lakeside Plaza 2nd Floor

For further information, welcome at 01 658159 and No 56, Ground Floor, Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Ward No. 7, Yankin Township, Yangon.

02 June 2020

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